maandag 3 maart 2014

More About Me

 Dear readers,

 As I promised I will be telling you more about myself. So here I go! 

I’m Annick. I am seventeen years old, and I live in the Netherlands with my older brother, and my parents. I grew up in a small town. My family is really close. We always visit each other on sundays.

I love to draw, especially on Photoshop. I am very creative. I love to draw and make pictures, and in the future I want to create characters, or the environment of a game/movie. I want to be a concept artist. I also recently discovered I like cosplay. I hope my cosplay skills will develop fast, and I hope people like my costumes. I have always thought of starting a YouTube channel, but I have never really figured out what I wanted the videos to be about. 
     I am currently drawing Jack Frost on Photoshop (progress pic)

I also love music, I love it so much that I can listen to every genre, and like it. If I weren’t as creative as I am, I would probably be a musician, or I would like to be a surgeon. I was always fascinated by operations, even though they say it is very different when you’re actually in the operation room, observing the first incision that is made.
Since I was about 10 years old, I have loved the band Paramore. I have loved every song they wrote, and I also discovered that I really love the personality of every band member. These band members are Christian, and they think there is nothing wrong with being homosexual, they even encourage others to always be themselves, and never change for anybody. They have helped me through a tough time, when I was going through a phase where I was trying to figure out what exactly I like to wear, and who I want to be. But I think I am still searching, just a bit.

I love music, sunsets, sunrises, star gazing, the colors in the eyes of a person, I love the little pretty things in life.
Even though I don’t always think as positive as I want to think, I have to learn to be proud of myself, and proud of what I can do and what I can make. Because it has gone down hill for a while. I am still learning, but I have reached a point where I think to myself: “Whatever it is you do, finish it. Because maybe in the end, when you look at your work, you will be proud.”
I have been bullied a lot, people tried to drag me down. I can not deny this, I have been broken. I have been very sad for a long time, I thought it would never get better. And even now I sometimes have bad feelings about myself and other people. But now that I am older, learned how to be stronger, I realise that the only thing that matters in my life is what I love to do, what I love to be, and who I love. Because the only people I can rely on is my family, and especially myself.  Even though a lot of people have helped me a little, the greatest thing that I did was doing the hardest things on my own. Because there is nothing stronger than being able to heal yourself to the point that you don’t really care about others when they’re being a jerk.

After being able to heal myself (not entirely, but you know what I mean), I have discovered that I talk to strange people more easily. I don’t really have a hard time talking to strangers anymore. I really love it. I sometimes fall back and get really shy again, but I have great moments of being very social to other people, and I really hope I can develop my skills
There are a lot of things I think I forgot to tell you, but to be honest, I think I have already told you lots of things. I hope it is a little eye-opening. 

2014 Resolutions:
- Excercise
- Draw more
- Be proud of myself and my work again (compliment myself on little things)
- Stop trying to drag myself down
- Stop arguing through chat/phone
- Improve self defense
- Write everything fun that happened in 2014 down, and put it in a jar
- Spend more time with friends

My next post will be a review on makeup I ordered!

The products I'm talking about:

- Nars Sheer Matte Foundation in the shade Siberia Light 1
- Nars Light Reflecting Pressed Powder

Love, Annick

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