dinsdag 4 maart 2014

My Little Adventures Today

Dear readers, 

Today I went to school again after spring break. Before telling you what I've done at school and what not, I will tell you a little bit about the things I did when I had a week off.

When I had a week off, I went to the cinema to see "The Wolf Of Wall street". In my opinion the movie was very funny, but for some reason at the end of the movie it got just a TINY bit boring. But that could be just me. I also watched The Walking Dead, A LOT. I finished two seasons in just 3 days. Currently I'm at episode 10 of season 3, and I've really loved the show so far. I can't wait to start watching season 4.

Click HERE to see a trailer of The Wolf Of Wall Street
Click HERE to see a trailer of The Walking Dead (Season 1 Trailer)

School Day & Brainstorming

SO, about school. Today was just a bit boring. Just a regular day at school, refreshing my brains with some information, you know how it goes. After school I went to a Harley Davidson garage to see what kind of motorcycles they have. I love Harley Davidson motorcycles.

When I got home I saw my drawing tablet. I haven't drawn on Photoshop for quite a while, so I'm planning on starting to do that again. BUT, I first need to finish my cosplay project (I'm going to cosplay Arwen from LOTR), because I am going to Imagicon in march. I am really excited! I have already bought lenses (I have hazel/green eyes), a wig, and I started making the dress. The dress I am going to sew can be seen here. It's a long, beautiful dress with long sleeves, it was very hard to find the right kind of fabric, because the colors weren't bright blue, or very white (and those were the colors that I could buy only at the local fabric stores). Both colors of the fabric had a little bit of a grey tone in it. I had to drive for 1,5 hours to finally find the right color of fabric for the dress. I also will have to pay attention at the sleeves, because the pattern on it isn't the easiest one. Tough mission, but possible!

Watch HERE how Arwen is wearing her dress.

I hope I have slightly entertained you with my story, pictures and trailers/videos. I will be updating you on my journeys, cosplay projects, drawings on photoshop and paper, reviews, you name it! Maybe I will even post about things I get a lot of requests about!


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